Energy and Cleaner Technologies Consulting

The energy sector is in transformation: economic power shifts, resource constraints, technological advancements, population growth, rapid urbanization, industrialization of emerging economies, energy consumption levels, power generation capacities, as well as environmental challenges and resource shortages are all global trends that are having a powerful influence on the sector.

In a world where we cannot count on unlimited access to energy and the question of climate change is becoming increasingly important, how we produce, process, distribute, and use energy – ensuring accessibility to affordable and clean energy – has become one of our greatest challenges.

To adapt to inevitable changes, ensure sustainable energy systems, and mitigate climate change, governments and businesses alike must identify and understand their implications, improve energy efficiency, foster renewable power generation, and achieve exceptional environmental performance, all while implementing innovative strategies and business models to ensure a secure and reliable energy supply.

From initial development and planning studies through to front-end design, project management and commissioning, Euro India Consulting provides multidisciplinary engineering, technical, and project delivery consulting services at all phases of a project.

We help clients across all sectors—buildings, oil and gas, mining, industrial, transport, and infrastructure—unlock opportunities to meet the rising demand for power.

We work with our clients to reduce both energy end use and the release of greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver future energy schemes to help create a sustainable world. We offer our clients expertise in district heating and cooling distribution, energy management and efficiency, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, wind energy, power transmission and distribution, solar energy, and thermal energy and bioenergy.

Renewable Energy and Cleaner Technologies

Onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy, thermal and bioenergy, and hydropower play leading roles in the renewable power sources of the future. We collaborate with clients to develop alternatives to diminishing fossil fuels and to combat the dangers of climate change.

We have a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects where we have helped identify, establish, and minimize risks for our clients.

We are committed to a sustainable future and offer our clients complete and tailored solutions for all aspects of their projects, be they large-scale energy plants, smaller on-site facilities, or retrofitting and efficiency programs.

We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle – from pre-feasibility right through to design, operations and maintenance and onto decommissioning. Our involvement begins with feasibility studies, providing advice on technical, financial, emission, and environmental issues, to engineering design and energy simulations during the construction phase. We also provide long-term operational management support services.