Green Hydrogen EPC Consulting (Owner’s Engineer) Services

Euro India Consulting provides services as Owner’s Engineer  for  Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)  of  Green Hydrogen projects ,we are executing some of the most challenging projects today to meet the needs of our customers and the energy transition. We are committed to meet the global challenge of climate change by providing innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability that not only help our customers to grow their business, but to move to a low-carbon society. And our Consulting involves :

  1. Project Assessment:
    • Understand the client’s objectives, scope, and requirements for the Green Hydrogen project.
    • Assess the project’s technical feasibility, economic viability, and environmental impact.
    • Evaluate the existing infrastructure and available resources.
  2. Feasibility Study:
    • Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to analyze the project’s technical, financial, and regulatory aspects.
    • Identify potential risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with the project.
    • Assess the market demand, competition, and potential revenue streams for the produced hydrogen.
  3. Conceptual Design:
    • Develop a conceptual design for the Green Hydrogen project, considering the client’s requirements and industry best practices.
    • Determine the optimal hydrogen production technology, such as electrolysis or biomass gasification, based on factors like efficiency, cost, and scalability.
    • Define the capacity and layout of the hydrogen production facility, including the necessary equipment, infrastructure, and storage options.
  4. Engineering Design:
    • Prepare detailed engineering designs and specifications for the project.
    • Develop process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
    • Conduct engineering calculations for equipment sizing, material selection, and energy requirements.
    • Design the necessary infrastructure, such as hydrogen storage systems, pipelines, and distribution networks.
  5. Procurement and Vendor Selection:
    • Identify the equipment, materials, and services required for the project.
    • Develop procurement strategies and specifications.
    • Issue requests for proposals (RFPs) to potential vendors and evaluate their proposals.
    • Select the most suitable vendors based on factors like price, quality, delivery schedule, and track record.
  6. Construction Management:
    • Develop a detailed construction plan, including scheduling, resource allocation, and site management.
    • Oversee the construction activities, ensuring compliance with design specifications, safety regulations, and environmental standards.
    • Monitor project progress, identify and resolve any issues or delays, and manage change requests.
    • Coordinate with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders involved in the project.
  7. Commissioning and Testing:
    • Plan and execute commissioning activities for the hydrogen production facility.
    • Conduct performance testing to verify the functionality and efficiency of the installed equipment.
    • Address any issues or deficiencies identified during testing and ensure proper integration and operation of all systems.
  8. Project Handover and Support:
    • Prepare project documentation, including as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and safety procedures.
    • Conduct training sessions for the client’s personnel on the operation and maintenance of the hydrogen facility.
    • Provide ongoing support and assistance during the initial operation of the project.
    • Conduct periodic reviews and evaluations to ensure the project’s performance meets the desired targets.

Throughout the process, Euro India Consulting ensures effective communication, collaboration, and coordination with the client and project stakeholders, keep client updated with the latest developments in Green Hydrogen technologies, regulations, and industry standards to deliver an optimal solution.