Smart can improve

workplaces, stadiums, hospitals, residential buildings, retail and entertainment venuesas well

as cities and infrastructures.

It can bring value to building developers, operators, occupiers, cities, governments and individuals.

Following four steps

Step By step guide to create smart places

We believe that integrated technology, purposeful design and actionable data deliver a Smart Place that runs well and that people love.

Here is our step-by-step guide to
creating a Smart Place:

Vision & Experience Design

How would people describe what it’s like to be here?

Strategy & Business Case

How is this transformative to my business? How much will it cost? How much do I stand to make?

Devices & Machines

What hardware do I need to make this possible?


How will they communicate?

Edge Processing

How do we process all that data?

Big Data & Platforms

How do we glue all the systems together?


How do we make sense out of the large volumes of data?

User Interface

How will users interact with the data?

Change Management

How will people adapt their behaviours?

Continuous Operations

How do we make sure that the place operates in an optimum way?

How can Euro India Deliver this?

Euro India has unique capabilities that cover everything from the initial strategy discussion, through specification, delivery and digital asset management.


Smart technology and the IOT is fundamentally changing how we work, how organizations operate,

and  how we experience places.We spend 90% of our lives in places. Working, living, learning, creating.

To increase end-user’s wellbeing, security and productivity, reduce operational costs and achieve

more effective maintenance and space utilization, we need Smart Places.

Choose your role or building type to see benefits

Smart can bring:


Lower lifetime costs

Open new revenue streams

Save money on the design and construction process

Better measuring and managing portfolios and campuses

Data backed valuation models, better assess investment and lending risk


Actionable intelligence on building performance

Identify and correct inefficient practices

Optimise the performance of building systems

Manage energy consumption

Advanced security technologies


Attract the very best talent and ensure they have the environment to thrive

Reduce operational costs

Increase employees’ wellbeing, safety and productivity

Adaptive environments and enhanced decision making

According to commercial property consultants ,organizations annually spend on average $3 per squarefoot per year on utilities, $30 on rent and $300 on payroll. This means that even a few percentage ofincreased productivity is more than potential savings on energy and rent.

What would a 1% increase in productivity for your workforce feel like?

Health Care

Improve patient experience

Reduce operating costs

Technology to empower patients, speed up diagnosis and release clinicians

Time to improve outcomes

Create healthier, safer and more secure healthcare environments


Enhanced shopping experiences for repeat custom

Adaptability and personalisation

Data-based decision making regarding space utilisation, consumer behaviour and security

Optimised energy and maintenance

Increase customer expenditure through engagement


Exhilarating stadia experience getting fans to where they want to be, quicker

Targeted advertisements that adapt to who is looking at them

Enhanced security with video analytics

Reduced anxiety with location services to find parking and friends


Data driven decision making on the popularity of retail

Reduced anxiety from indoor wayfinding

Enhanced retail experience through integrated Point of Sales systems

Increased adaptability of systems for future changes

Our Role

From business case modelling, through design, technology advisory, core engineering and post-occupancy services the breadth of our experience and expertise means we are able to offer a truly end-to-end Smart Places service.


Design Incubator

The Design Incubator is the place where we support you in creating and shaping the vision and value case for creating a Smart Place. This includes human-centred design, design thinking, service design, experience design, creating wire-frames and developing strategies. If you need support in shaping how technology will improve your future, get in touch.

Management Consultancy

Understanding where you want to be is just the start. Our consultants will help you get there, practically and financially.

This includes change management, business case modelling, communication packages, programme management and more. If you need help in delivering your Smart Places, contact our specialists today.

Engineering Powerhouse

Making your Smart Place constructible is our core. Our engineers understand cutting-edge technology and how to embed it in traditional designs and procurement routes. We’ve got you covered with our multidisciplinary engineering services, from acoustics and lighting to structural and MEP design. To make your project real,contact our Smart Places specialists today.

Technology Advisory

Understanding how technology works in the built environment requires background in both fields.Leveraging the Euro India Digital capabilities we can support you in selecting and deploying the right technologies,that are Future Ready.Our network of technology partners and experience in building technology platforms means that we understand digital in the built environment, better than most. Get in touch to see how you could benefit from our experience.

Post-Occupancy Services

Think soft landings, but for digital. We can help you get the most out of your new hardware and software through tweaks, measurement and verification and digital asset management.

As designers of the built environment, we understand what the data means and what you should do next. Speak to us about what you’re finding from running a Smart Place.