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euroindia September 30, 2021 0 Comments

The system, developed and tested by tech start-up T.net as part of the Taormina City Tech project, uses LoRa technology to send and receive information via a network of intelligent sensors.     T.net’s smart towers which

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As part of the agreement, consulting firm CGI will deploy its SensorInsights360 real-time data platform to improve operational efficiencies while monitoring and managing critical services.     Edinburgh wants to provide more digitally enabled, proactive services for

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The Corridor for New Mobility Aachen comprises three disparate but interconnected sites to test and validate connected and automated driving functions.   Forty-six metering stations have been established on existing traffic infrastructure in Aachen © ika, RWTH

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The initiative uses data to create models and scenarios of people’s current mobility patterns, means of transport, and other possible scenarios to make adjustments and meet transportation needs and expectations.       Dubai in Motion will

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Both cities will work closely together on new digital cooperation projects and policy sandboxes to create new economic opportunities for people and businesses.     Shenzhen and Singapore are building a digital bridge of connectivity    

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Seoul Metropolitan Government is testing two new models of electric vehicle chargers as well as replacing 2,941 old security lights with IoT-embedded LED lighting.     Seoul has pledged to provide 200,000 EV charging stations by 2025

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The study by Cornell Tech synthesises more than 250 urban tech breakthroughs and also lays out the “technical debt” already on the books due to hasty decisions in some areas, including governance.     The Horizon Scan

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The UK city has announced a 20-year strategic partnership with BAI Communications to design, build and operate the digital infrastructure, which includes a private 5G small cell network.     Sunderland won this year's Connected Britain Digital

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IoT accelerator packs will provide access to real-time data insights on waste management, air quality, social housing solutions, building health and water monitoring capabilities.     Scotrail will have the ability to measure air quality within train

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Superpedestrian’s Link e-scooters feature a network of sensors, microprocessors and artificial intelligence that runs 1,000 vehicle health checks every second during a ride.     The e-scooter launch is accompanied by a range of promotions   Bordeaux