Business Formation Consulting and Set Up

Business Formation and Set Up

Entering new geographical markets is a challenging task, especially, if you have no knowledge or experience in the market.  If you are an entrepreneur, a start-up or a mobile professional, it is all the more daunting to own infrastructure and resources in a new country, as this means having a long term commitment, higher capital cost and higher risk.

Once you decide to set up a company in India or Europe ,Euro India can help in formation of your company  and fulfilling the legal formalities through our associated partners.

During the process, Euro India advises you on the best strategies to implement,  thereby being a part of your formation phase.  We also advise you on the operations of your business right from staffing and structuring to financial planning, directing and coordination of the day to day activities. We can thus be your partner for doing business in India fruitfully.

We take care of the multi-layered demands of running a business such as:

  • Set up a legal business entity
  • Fulfil business formalities
  • Represent your company
  • Locate company or factory premises in the Industrial zones
  • Support for activities such as sub-contracting, outsourcing, export-import, accounting, and daily administration.