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IBM, United Nations Human Rights and the Linux Foundation have launched the annual Call for Code challenge that seeks to galvanise the efforts of developers, students, and problem-solvers to help accelerate sustainability.   2021 Call for Code

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Smart glass, green roofs and the metaverse were among the technologies changing the face of urban development around the world, in a year that saw cities continue to reinvent and revitalise themselves in the face of the

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According to ABI Research, investment in transformative solutions will be driven by new urban visions and point the way to more humanised, sustainable and resilient cities.     The urban concepts propose fundamentally new infrastructure templates for

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The initiative uses data to create models and scenarios of people’s current mobility patterns, means of transport, and other possible scenarios to make adjustments and meet transportation needs and expectations.       Dubai in Motion will

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Both cities will work closely together on new digital cooperation projects and policy sandboxes to create new economic opportunities for people and businesses.     Shenzhen and Singapore are building a digital bridge of connectivity