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The city has transformed one of its major streets into a pedestrian boulevard in a $43.5m project to create a seamless, car-free path for people walking and dining in Sydney’s city centre.   Light rail on George

Once the technology launches later in the summer, the public and all relevant city departments will be able to access the same record through an online platform, providing clarity and transparency.   Reno is launching its Biggest

The privately funded South African platform has added an In the City function that aims to encourage citizens to better connect with and explore local attractions and places of interest.   The My Smart City platform which

Shanghai Lingang Special Area, which aims to attract some of the world’s most prominent companies, seeks to embed sustainability and nature at its heart.   Abundant green spaces will play a key role in absorbing excess rainwater

The iconic museum in Dubai has installed 21 units in parking bays, with stations connected to the Shabik mobile app that gives users endless access to the electric vehicle charging network.   The Museum of the Future

The projects, spread across 13 countries, aim to create more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful spaces in locations in the EU and will involve citizens in the green transition at the local level.   Stavanger in Norway is

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The City Plan will guide the council’s current and future plans including a focus on climate action, greening of streets, its parklands management strategy, infrastructure and asset maintenance plans.   Plan will consider whether the CBD will

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The initiative, which will provide European cities with $25,000 for projects that use art and design to improve street safety and revitalise public spaces, spurred a reduction in traffic crashes in the US.   Spanning 90,000 square