The collaboration brings together Itron’s energy management solutions and Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings to help cities and utilities reach their goals in areas such as grid resilience and decarbonisation.   The collaboration aims to help cities use

The LoRa Alliance said the development broadens the standard’s internet of things market with smart metering the first application to leverage it.   LoRaWaN is the standard for the internet of things low-power wide-area networks The LoRa Alliance,

Technology from Israeli start-up ACiiST provides Peachtree Corners with connected infrastructure network solutions that allow various mobility technologies on the city’s streets to communicate.   ACiiST’s technology spans a half-mile of Peachtree Corners’ city street of the

The cross-sector, community-driven effort aims to understand and tackle the nuanced barriers to digital equity and close Chicago’s digital divide once and for all.   Chicago’s public library is the largest provider of free broadband Chicago is

Located in Texas, the operating lab will be equipped with a physical representation of a utility smart grid, enabling real-world demonstrations of end-to-end private network operations across the power grid.   Utilities and OEMs can test interoperability

Semtech and CitiLight have already connected one million streetlights across the Indian cities using the LoRaWan standard to deliver an energy-saving of 1.29 billion kilowatt-hours.   Smart streelighting often form the starting point for smart city roll-outs

ABI Research analysis found that smart city standards are key to unlocking the full potential but the standards ecosystem is still a diverse network and can be confusing.   With with proper cooperation, standards could be vital

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By using open standards and APIs, Fiware Foundation and Open & Agile Smart Cities strive to enable companies and cities to share and reuse digital, data-driven solutions in a “seamless fashion”.   Fiware and OASC want to

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Internet of medical things devices enable healthcare providers to use remote monitoring sensors and surgical robotics to improve patient care, staff productivity and operational efficiency.   Increased use of the IoMT represents growth of 131 per cent

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According to ABI Research, investment in transformative solutions will be driven by new urban visions and point the way to more humanised, sustainable and resilient cities.     The urban concepts propose fundamentally new infrastructure templates for

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