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Borås Stad is working with Extreme Networks and NetNordic to provide advanced connectivity and secure public wifi while simplifying network management for the IT team.   Borås Stad has deployed approximately 3,500 wi-fi access points   The

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Internet of medical things devices enable healthcare providers to use remote monitoring sensors and surgical robotics to improve patient care, staff productivity and operational efficiency.   Increased use of the IoMT represents growth of 131 per cent

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Italy’s second most populous city will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies to deploy low-cost sensors at schools to better understand children’s exposure to air pollution.   The monitoring network will help to develop hyperlocal data on air quality

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The information gathered will be used to detect pollution hotspots and provide a database of environmental analytics to help protect the health of Miami’s inhabitants.   The air quality network aligns with other Miami initiatives to become

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A key requirement for the ministry was the ability to target specific segments of the population in real time using mobile messaging, dependent on their position relative to the crisis.     Zagreb, capital of Croatia which

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The UK city has announced a 20-year strategic partnership with BAI Communications to design, build and operate the digital infrastructure, which includes a private 5G small cell network.     Sunderland won this year's Connected Britain Digital

Trial uses Nokia Scene Analytics to optimise laneway servicing and understand waste disposal behavioural trends in one of the Australian city’s busy areas.     The smart waste project falls under Melbourne's emerging tech testbed initiative