Ville de Granby in Quebec is working with Trilliant and local company Energère to integrate an intelligent lighting management system and install 3000K connected lighting units.   Granby aims to improve citizen safety as well as make

Semtech and CitiLight have already connected one million streetlights across the Indian cities using the LoRaWan standard to deliver an energy-saving of 1.29 billion kilowatt-hours.   Smart streelighting often form the starting point for smart city roll-outs

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Smart city solutions provider Urban Control is working with Nordic Semiconductor on the streetlight luminaire controller that can scale-up to millions of lights and connect over local cellular IoT networks.   The streetlight controller claims to work

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The San Francisco Bay Area city’s programme is expected to drive transformational energy efficiencies for the municipality by reducing utility consumption by more than 4.2 million kWh of electricity per year.   Milpitas’ infrastructure programme is expected

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Cities can explore field-proven and pilot-ready solutions from third parties and identify ways they can modernise infrastructure and better serve citizens and customers.   Marketplace offers a diverse range of solutions from a smart city ecosystem Itron

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Smart glass, green roofs and the metaverse were among the technologies changing the face of urban development around the world, in a year that saw cities continue to reinvent and revitalise themselves in the face of the

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Itron is working with Equans and Sibelga on the network-as-a-service solution, which as well as reduce electricity consumption will lay the foundation for future smart city capabilities.   It's hoped the solution will cut electricity consumption in

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A survey by Euroconsumers reveals that consumers think artificial intelligence can help cities to deliver services such as lighting, waste, public transport and traffic management more efficiently.     Majority believe AI will play a signiificant part

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The Brazilian and Taiwanese cities have chosen ST Engineering as a technology partner for smart lighting- and smart mobility-based projects, respectively, that advance their overall connected strategies.     Kaohsiung City has begun work on a major