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The city has transformed one of its major streets into a pedestrian boulevard in a $43.5m project to create a seamless, car-free path for people walking and dining in Sydney’s city centre.   Light rail on George

Utah’s capital city said that transportation technologies such as electric scooters, ridesharing, the potential for self-driving cars and greater drone adoption are among factors necessitating updates to the plan.   Ensuring equitable travel will be at the

A raft of measures in the 2022-23 draft budget include creating new open space, protecting parks, progressing the Power Melbourne project and cutting emissions.   Melbourne has committed more than $26m to protect parks and gardens The

Shanghai Lingang Special Area, which aims to attract some of the world’s most prominent companies, seeks to embed sustainability and nature at its heart.   Abundant green spaces will play a key role in absorbing excess rainwater

The park area aims to deliver a community connection in a dense urban setting with a third of the area planted with 6,000-plus shrubs, perennials, climbers and trees, significant to indigenous culture, food, and medicine.   Part

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The Ion innovation centre and forthcoming Ion District urban community have joined the Global Network of Innovation Districts, established to provide governments and investors with new insights as they re-energise cities.   Ion District: an accessible, walkable,

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The City Plan will guide the council’s current and future plans including a focus on climate action, greening of streets, its parklands management strategy, infrastructure and asset maintenance plans.   Plan will consider whether the CBD will

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The initiative, which will provide European cities with $25,000 for projects that use art and design to improve street safety and revitalise public spaces, spurred a reduction in traffic crashes in the US.   Spanning 90,000 square

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Seoul Metropolitan Government is testing two new models of electric vehicle chargers as well as replacing 2,941 old security lights with IoT-embedded LED lighting.     Seoul has pledged to provide 200,000 EV charging stations by 2025