Hexagon and Fujitsu will use technology to help realise the “Trusted Society”, which they describe as a sustainable, resilient place where people can live together in peace and prosperity.   Hexagon and Fujitsu have announced a strategic

The collaboration brings together Itron’s energy management solutions and Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings to help cities and utilities reach their goals in areas such as grid resilience and decarbonisation.   The collaboration aims to help cities use

Senet and Ready Wireless are collaborating to help North America municipalities and enterprises accelerate the deployment of a range of monitoring and asset tracking solutions.   The companies want to help cities acclerate and scale smart city

Local teams will work with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to map urban heat islands, areas that can be up to 20 degrees hotter than nearby neighbourhoods.   The project seeks to inform strategies to reduce

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Restaurants in Carmel-by-the-Sea are reducing the probability of infection from airborne viruses and pollutants while also averaging an estimated $17,000 in extra annual profit via the certification programme.   Mission Bistro: one of the restaurants using technology

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The 50-strong fleet will be deployed in the Nansha District of the Chinese city and will be able to perform comprehensive environmental services, such as sweeping, sprinkling and disinfection spraying.   WeRide has developed a cloud-based platform

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Cities can explore field-proven and pilot-ready solutions from third parties and identify ways they can modernise infrastructure and better serve citizens and customers.   Marketplace offers a diverse range of solutions from a smart city ecosystem Itron

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The 1,200-acre former military base has been redeveloped into a mixed-use campus led by Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation and master developer of the historic shipyard.     Rekor One platform allows sensors around the area to

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Internet of medical things devices enable healthcare providers to use remote monitoring sensors and surgical robotics to improve patient care, staff productivity and operational efficiency.   Increased use of the IoMT represents growth of 131 per cent

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Derq will enable intersection analytics systems at 37 intersections along Fremont Boulevard to provide ongoing analysis from traffic intersection video sources of multimodal conflicts using AI.   Software will be utilised to detect near-misses at intersections and