The facility in East Port Said will produce clean hydrogen to power Egypt’s domestic energy transition and enable it to become an exporter of hydrogen and a major player in the hydrogen economy.   The plant will

The inventories will enable the cities to develop a suite of actions to incentivise more sustainable consumption in collaboration with people and businesses and pioneer new ways to measure emissions.   New York City is also signing

The council-led project is using the untapped resource of unwanted clothing and textiles as a performance additive in asphalt on the New Zealand city’s roads.   Trial filler has been used on the right hand side of

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Rubicon’s products to be installed in the City of Scranton’s entire solid waste and recycling fleet to digitise operations and use real-time data to drive greater efficiency.   Scranton will use data and insights to improve workflows

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Cities can explore field-proven and pilot-ready solutions from third parties and identify ways they can modernise infrastructure and better serve citizens and customers.   Marketplace offers a diverse range of solutions from a smart city ecosystem Itron

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Deploying IoT has provided better data on the drains across the city and therefore immediate visibility of the assets requiring maintenance, as well as a better insight into the type of work required.   Marseille is part-way

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The Kingdom will use Sensoneo smart waste management solutions that are embedded with smart ultrasonic sensors to monitor waste levels, status and real-time temperature of bins.   Saudi Arabian cities like Riyadh will be able to take a

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A survey by Euroconsumers reveals that consumers think artificial intelligence can help cities to deliver services such as lighting, waste, public transport and traffic management more efficiently.     Majority believe AI will play a signiificant part

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As part of the agreement, consulting firm CGI will deploy its SensorInsights360 real-time data platform to improve operational efficiencies while monitoring and managing critical services.     Edinburgh wants to provide more digitally enabled, proactive services for

Trial uses Nokia Scene Analytics to optimise laneway servicing and understand waste disposal behavioural trends in one of the Australian city’s busy areas.     The smart waste project falls under Melbourne's emerging tech testbed initiative