Research by Juniper reveals that they are an increasingly viable alternative to battery electric vehicles with major car manufacturers making investments in the sector.   The consumer market will lead the hydrogen vehicles space The number of

Payment service provider Littlepay has been selected by the Central Bank of Costa Rica for a national, multimodal, interoperable payment system for public transport.   The system is being rolled out on Costa Rican buses this year

The Level 4 autonomous shuttles will launch in the German cities of Darmstadt and Offenbach and will be completely integrated into regular public transport operations.   The autonomous shuttle service will begin operations in 2023 The German

The Canadian city is working with Saint John Transit agency to introduce to cleaner transit options and support its plan to eliminate combustion-engine vehicles in its fleet by 2040.   The New Brunswick city of St John

Hexagon and Fujitsu will use technology to help realise the “Trusted Society”, which they describe as a sustainable, resilient place where people can live together in peace and prosperity.   Hexagon and Fujitsu have announced a strategic

Software company Oxbotica’s suite of tools generate a vast bank of scenarios, which are used to test and refine autonomous operations and behaviours, without ever needing to physically drive in them.   Each meta-mile can be tested

The tests will be carried out by Enel X on the basis of an analysis matrix developed in-house, to look at all the main features of the zero-emission battery Arrival bus.   The Arrival buses are built

Travellers in the Australian state will be able to put the Opal card on their digital wallets as part of a major upgrade, while 10,000 people will be selected to take part in the 12-month mobility-as-a-service trial.

The airport operator is working with Veovo to incentivise the use of more efficient aircraft by penalising those with higher emissions while rewarding cleaner aircraft – with an overall airport revenue-neutral effect.   Arlanda Airport in Stockholm

The data has been collated from millions of connected vehicles, which have covered up to 95 per cent of US roads and highways to create a detailed, accurate dataset.   Smart mobility technology company Wejo has announced